Get your Car Transformed by Hand.

Hand Painted.JPG
Hand Painted.JPG

Get your Car Transformed by Hand.


Your car will be digitally Transformed in Photoshop using Matte painting techniques and other Digital Tools.

And then I will hand paint this on 18'' x 24''Canvas using Acrylic Paint. I have more control with the paintbrush, so I can get into more detail by hand.

Please send photos of parts, and various angles of the car you want to include to

Some photos that would help out are...

  • Front, Front quarter view
  • Rear, Rear Quarter view
  • Side View
  • Engine bay
  • Wheels
  • or any other part that you would like to show off in the transformer.

Also include a brief description of what you want in the scene, what angle, etc. Since I also work a Full Time Job, I will need a 4-6 week work time frame, without shipping in mind.

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