Hello my name is Ravy Po, and I'm aspiring to become a Car designer. I was born in California, and was quickly brought into the Art and Automotive world. I get inspired by Architecture, Machines, Sport Cars and other miscellaneous things. 

All though I was able to draw everything and anything I could think of on paper, it didn't feel quite fulfilling. I wanted to create something that you can physically see, touch, smell, hear, and have a  emotional relationship with. I believe the Automotobile is the Canvas to do that with. To me a car is not something you just take from point A to point B,  It has become an extension of the driver. It's the Ultimate form of Art; in Motion.

Unfortunately after 5 years of Design school, I wasn't able to graduate due to some Financial Mishaps. Right after I left school, I started  RPO design in 2013, California. I have been getting recognized for my Transformers Artwork on social media, and working to develop the RPO brand even more further. I am currently working to create Lightweight and Functional Aero Kits.

Through out the years, I have fully crafted my Vision and able to provide an accurate Visualization of your Dreams.